Community Goal

We are a Minecraft Community called Shnazoria looking to create a place for all you casual, hardcore, cooperative and mature players. We strive to provide a friendly experience for all our community members. I started this community with my girlfriend in hopes to create a fun place for minecrafters to team up, gather and play together.  We support Streamers and Youtubers and we even stream ourselves. We are a peaceful community and plan to keep it that way! have friends that play? Bring them too!! anyone with their head on their shoulders are welcome.

We are a small and up and coming community looking for members dedicated to helping us grow and flourish into a strong group of minecrafters.

About Shnazoria:

Shnazoria is based in the Deep jungles of Halentra. Our lands spread from the jungles on south 
past the Island Mesa across the ocean. We are tree dwellers, protectors of mother nature, taking 
advantage of the safety our beloved trees give us. Mother nature gives to us and we give back.  
Our economy, government, and structure is ever growing and expanding as we work with nature to
flourish as a community.


We communicate using a TeamSpeak 3 server that is accessible at all hours of the day. There are no required membership fees.  We are part of a multi-clan server allowing us to interact with other communities and clans. Apply Today!  Post on the forums with any questions or send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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