Community Changes
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Due to the lack of server usage our Tekkit server will be shut down until further notice. Right now the Vanilla server is still available for use but we will soon transfer most of our playtime to the multi-clan server called helentra. I will be sending out PM's for you to respond to if you are still interested in being an active member of Shnazoria.

Adding a new server.
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Hey Guys and Gals. As of right now we are in talks of joining a Multi-Clan server. What does this mean? Well a multi-clan server is exactly what it sounds like. Its a server that hosts multiple clans where each clan owns an area of the map. This gives clans/communities the opportunity to play together, form friendships and alliances, and just another cool way to play minecraft.  We are currently ironing out the details so stay tuned!

Live! On Twitch!
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We are Live on Minecraft RIGHT NOW! Come join us! At ... shnaz

Membership Applications
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Membership Applications are now being accepted! Simply find your way to the "Apply" page and fill out a form. Hope to see you within our community soon! If you have any questions feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" page.

A Community is Born!
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Shnazoria is Alive!
Though we are very very young. We are alive. Still under construction but many things to come to the community! Hang in there!



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